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Mastodon should have a feature for including the public timelines of other instances as well as a "neighborhoods" feature I've been advocating for a while.

This might help with the alienation between instances, and allow for better experiences on smaller ones.

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@josias I like those ideas.

For those who can't wait, #Fedilab already allows you to "subscribe" to other instances' public timelines.

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@josias It's kinda unfortunate that no frontend seems to make use of the option to pull timelines from foreign instances via API (unless that's disabled in their admin interface).

I only know of Mastoview (which doesn't seem to work very well anymore nowadays - see for example), and Subway Tooter on Android has an option to load foreign timelines.

@Alexander Bochmann @DM me the word "bread" The work-around right now is getting people to use the relevant #hashtags and creating a timeline of that #hashtag For some reason I was thinking that was a thing.
I am running #hubzilla as my main account, I am hoping this feature could be #fediverse wide.

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@galaxis I think having this as a backend feature would also be useful, so it syncs between clients. I think does this, but I haven't checked it out.

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@josias Do relays not accomplish parts of the features you're referring to?

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@kinetix They don't. This isn't about a small instance receiving posts. It's about sorting them and not relying on the firehose of the Federated timeline.

I explain the neighborhoods idea here:

@josias How is this different from the ActivityPub relay feature?


Basically, I'm not necessarily looking for an increase in post volume, but rather an increase of community.

Instead of merging everything into the federated timeline, this would enable viewing posts from specific instances, like those that share common values.

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@josias Isn't this what relay is for?

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@schmaker Short answer, no. This is something different.

Also answered here:

An explanation of the idea:

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@josias I thought that's what Federation meant when I was seeing up my instance!

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@pwarren Federation works fine, of course. This is just a suggestion for fostering inter-instance communities.

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