Greetings Fediverse!

I'm looking for work. I'm a junior developer with experience working in open source communities, but without professional work experience.

I have experience leading open-source projects, participating in open source communities, and programming in several languages. I can comfortably write Go, Python, C, Rust, and Zig.

I've also have some experience as a sysadmin (e.g. I run

For more info, feel free to DM. 🙂

CV available upon request.

@volume @josias Oh I've triggered the mystery account. I still haven't figured you out, and I still refuse to ask. 👀 I swear I will solve it.
@josias Hmm... I wonder if I could recommend you to I taught there for 8 months.

It paid about $18 per hour and consisted of zoom meeting with students and guiding them through simple projects like writing a minesweeper impl or a Roblox game.

I worked at the california chapter though, so my only contact would be there, and they require you to have a california address.
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