@dmoonfire I'm working on a major fiction project, and was wondering what you suggest for organizing characters, settings, plotlines, etc.

Do you publish the tools you use somewhere?

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@josias Almost everything I do is open-sourced in some manner and part of an entire ecosystem. Still working on improvements like the conworld calendar and chapter dependencies, but the basics are there.

The absolute basic is just as set of text documents with something you can cross-link. It can be something as simple as a personal wiki.

Since I use Markdown+YAML, that lets me use any static site generator. :)

@josias For an actual example, I have which is the world-building stuff. I mirror this also in the `./data/` folder of my novels to make it easier to merge while I'm writing a specific piece.

@josias The website ( pulls fedran-data plus all the novels and overlays them together, creates summary pages and makes it pretty. :)

That is how gets over to :D

@josias I also have a metadata repo to pull things together and also a private repo which gives me a chance to document all the interconnected stories and where I'm going over the 20-30 years I'm planning on writing it.

If you can't guess, I use Git heavily because I use issues to keep track of tasks and CI to automate things.

@josias Well, I think that is what you were asking.

For the publishing, I use mfgames-writing-js creatively at

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