I had been careless about image formats on my website, but I decided to put some work and convert them all to WebP. Also, I got the Nord color scheme to work on my code!


Oh right I forgot to mention you @tdarb but I guess that's not necessary anymore lol, thanks for the inspiration :P

@joel I recently learned about the 11ty image plugin and set it up with a short code to automatically generate webp and jpg images, resize them and display the appropriate one for the browser.

I just made a short code to make it easy

It really changed the game in media management for me with static sites!

@joel what are the benefits of webp? every time i download an image and it ends up being webp instead of like a jpg or a png i get angry hahaha

@isa It can be compressed so much more without any real quality loss. I think I will provide both tho, it should not be hard to implement as jekyll can do something similar to what @rridley is doing with hugo shortcodes, using _includes. I will look into providing both formats and change it depending on browser support and such.

@isa also a "Download as PNG/JPG" should be a native option on browsers lol

@joel preaaaach 😩 why does the web + web browsers have to be so hostile to users sometimes 😭

@isa It looks like @m2m already has a Jekyll setup to provide both file formats, so I'll pretty much copy paste it lol minutestomidnight.co.uk/blog/i

@joel i could probably do this too on publii 🤔 might look into it this weekend!

@isa I do the same even though I've implemented them myself :D

Nevertheless, the performance improvements are amazing.

When I really want to download another image format from webp-enabled websites I turn to the devtools (still annoyed anyway!) @joel

@m2m i got so excited when you mentioned devtools but then i realized it's a chrome/chromium only thing 😅 at least you've found a workaround!!

@isa actually I seem to remember the first dev tools were in an early Firefox extension. Today each browser has a set of inspectors called dev tools. If I remember correctly that first extension was called webmaster tools, but I might be wrong. It's icon was a grey cog.

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