Using Jekyll and static site generators comes with its own set of problems, one of them is changing URL formats without breaking the previously used links. Thankfully, the solution is fairly simple.

@joel For those hosting with Netlify, you could also add new URL redirects inside the _redirects file. (Not as clean as your approach but still any option)

@tdarb Yeah, that's another option too. I don't know if it actually changes the static folder structure tho

@joel I definitely used Hugo's built-in aliases capability which is similar to fix some bad permlink formats I had before (typos and such).

@joel By chance do you use jekyll-feed with jekyll-redirect-from?

@joel Okay perfect, do you have an issue in your feed where duplicates are created since using jekyll-redirect-from? Trying to figure out what is causing it on mine.

@joel Just noticed (in case you don't already know): Your RSS feed links to the netlify subdomain and those feed items also link to it. You may want to change the settings to use the .xyz domain. 🤔

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