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Wordle 315 5/6

Done, didn't know that was English


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Failed once again



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My company is doing a "Mexican fiesta" themed mid year event and it is going exactly how you think it is.

Oh right I forgot to mention you @tdarb but I guess that's not necessary anymore lol, thanks for the inspiration :P

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I had been careless about image formats on my website, but I decided to put some work and convert them all to WebP. Also, I got the Nord color scheme to work on my code!

My body still hurts, I am not that old yet come on xD

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Someone told me my Galaxy S20, which I'm pretty sure is only two years old, is "obsolete" and needs to be replaced. 🤷‍♀️

So, OK- how often do you replace your phone?

How come that Invidious is still so much more popular if Piped seems much more reliable? Or am I missing something critical?

I fell while on a bus. My backpack got stuck in the seat, I pulled too hard and lost my balance, went straight to the floor.

I also missed my stop. I had to walk for 10 extra minutes to get home.

It was fun though.

Can u accept licensing a picture of you in CC0 license (public-domain) ?
#linux #free #opensource #license #picture #selfie

I had an idea for a blog and I totally forgot heeeeelp

Someone left the computer at school powered on and with the GooseDesktop opened the whole weekend lol

I keep dreaming that I am at school getting homework I don't understand

What are your most essential applications?

We're talking things like text/image/video/music editors, music/video players, pdf viewers, note taking applications, password managers, terminal emulators, etc.

The browser counts too, but you can omit that if there's nothing interesting to say about it.

Is Secure Boot crap?

Okay, time for a new #poll. How many different #web #browser do you use across all your devices? IE, #phone, #tablet, #laptop #computer, #desktop, etc.

And I mean all different browsers: #Chrome (and chrome variants), #Edge, #Safari, #Firefox (and Libre Wold, Seamonkey, etc.), #Vivaldi, #Opera and all others.

As always: please boost so we get some really good data.

I just watched Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and the Raimi feel is definitely there :P

"I was really bored, so I made a new logo for my website, inspired, as always, by other people's blogs."

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