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well here is my new
I go by Kilroy or Darth Kilroy online, I am on (@darthkilroy), am on (go hunting for me) I run my own server. I try to what ever I can, I run a search engine that I work on.
I also still because is still around, and we need to think not of our self but of people who are .

Tighten your personal security now.

not tomorrow, now.

remember to push your commits

brought to you by: rm -rf the_wrong_directory

Fedi meta 

I want to collect all of the toots I've bookmarked and collect them in a book IRL.

It shouldn't be /that/ hard.

there is now no way for me to relate a search back to one person or even network. I only keep the search so I can see what people are looking up so I am able to add more useful websites.

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well I have done it, just fixed the config on the web server for sturtz search, and now I can no longer see any more info about you, and in order so you are able to tell that I am not just changing the config back, I will publish every month all the data I have starting today.

So, I will install linux on my new laptop
Revert to windows on my family desktop because I'll need to have it somewhere and my sis was not too happy about change
And stuff...

Why running php scripts on my terminal is utterly broken (segmentation fault) but my and instance still work (although background processes seem to be ded)

Back from South Dakota, photos will be going up soon

hey just os you know is going to be down while I do some network stuff

just so you know sturtz search is going to be down for a bit I am kinda stupid

A feature of email is that my inbox is an immutable copy of everything I received no-one can change.

With email, I can prove I've been harassed, sent malware, wrong links, illegal orders by my employers, the date of an event I've missed because it was wrong and I'm innocent, etc.

With Google AMP, the sender will be able to "update" those emails and deny his mistake, hide proofs, fake the history.

This technology put people at risk.


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